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Minecraft - Xbox

  • Flex your creative muscles and start to build and explore an exciting new world in
  • Enjoy the same fun-filled, imaginative gameplay — now on your Xbox One
  • Go where you want and construct what you want in this open-world environment, where the only limit is your own imagination
  • Make sure to build shelter before the sun goes down to protect yourself from monsters

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    As a child you played with wooden or plastic blocks to create what you saw in the world around you — a house, a car, a bridge, a cement mixer. In high school, you built lamps, signs and more in shop class. You've also constructed full worlds, filled with realistic people simulating real life. Now, you can go back to your childlike roots and build with blocks again — but this time they're virtual blocks, and you can use them to create vibrant, 3D worlds that are filled with adventure and the magic of imagination.Get ready to build whatever pops into your mind when you jump into the 3D, eight-bit worlds of Minecraft. Brought to life on your Xbox One, Minecraft lets you flex and hone your creative might as you construct literally any and everything you can think of. Grab your controller and start stacking virtual blocks to build the open-world of your dreams. Just make sure to make a shelter before nightfall, as that's when the monsters emerge. Are you ready to construct the world of your dreams in nostalgic, eight-bit fashion? This item cannot be returned or refunded, please visit to learn more.

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