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Steam Deck Travel Accessories 6-IN-1 Complete Set Mytrix Hard Carrying Storage All Protective Anti Shock Messenger Bag Soft Lining Fit Steam Deck Console, Charger & Accs (Slim Keyboard & SD Card)

  • 【Advanced Travel 6-in-1 Bundle】Specially designed to make your whole Steam Deck system even more portable & travel-friendly. A comfortable handle strap is ideal for carrying and large storage space is suitable to take all the Steam Deck accessories when going on a trip. No need to get equips from other different stores, we provide everything you need with One-Click.
  • 【 Multiple Storage Protective Case】Interior grooves securely hold your Steam Deck Console, Dock, and other accessories. Mesh pocket for other smaller accessories like Micro-SD Card, earphones, USB Flash Drives, and more. Hard EVA shell case protects your Steam Deck from any condition during travel, including drops, scratches, splash, dust, and so on. The soft liner holds Steam Deck and prevents shocks and scratches. Perfect fit for enjoying your Steam Deck gaming on the go with no hassle.
  • 【USB-C Extended 5-IN-1 HUB】The USB-C charging input port of this hub could connect a power adapter up to 100W power delivery to keep your Steam Deck high-speed charging while you're using all other functions of the hub. With Ethernet, HDMI, and USB-A port, you can recharge your Steam Deck and play on the screen with a fast, stable Ethernet Connection at the same time.
  • 【Wireless Keyboard & Mouse】Supports Bluetooth Connection, with a slim design & lightweight, as well as long using time, you can turn your Steam Deck into a portable “Gaming PC” anywhere by simply connecting to a screen and pairing up the keyboard & mouse. Play your games and surf your favorite website just like how you do it at home.
  • 【Bundle Item List】1x Mytrix Travel Protective Case for Steam Deck. 1x Mytrix USB-C External Hub for Steam Deck, 1x Mytrix Wireless Slim Keyboard, 1x Mytrix Wireless Mouse, 1x Mytrix Screen Protector for Steam Deck, 1x screen cleaning cloth, and 1x Hi-Speed HDMI Cable. Every item in the bundle is essential to provide a first-class gaming on-the-go experience. If you encounter any issues, we are always ready to make you satisfied.

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    Mytrix Travel 6-IN-1 Bundle for Steam Deck Gaming Console, Charger, and Official Dock. Everything in the bundle is aimed to make your whole Steam Deck system even more portable & travel-friendly. With Mytrix Steam Deck Travel Bundle, enjoy your favorite games anywhere you want while on the go!

    Mytrix Travel Protective Case features Shock-Resistant and Waterproof EVA Hard Shell and soft foam inner grooves to securely hold your Steam Deck Console, Charger, and other accessories; prevent all items in the case from cracks, scratches, dust, etc. during travel. Multiple Storage Design with mesh pockets perfectly fits smaller items and accessories, such as earphones, flash drives, storage cards, and so on. Compact enough to carry-on plane and fits under-seat or over-head storage spaces.

    Turing your Steam Deck into a “portable Gaming PC” with Mytrix USB-C Extended Hub for Steam Deck in our Travel Bundle! Plug-In & Charge your Steam Deck with the USB-C port, connect to a screen via HDMI on the Mytrix USB-C Extended Hub, and link & match Mytrix Wireless Keyboard & Mouse; You can play your favorite games, surf websites & watch videos exactly like how you do it on your Desktop!

    Detailed Items List:
    1x Travel Protective Case for Steam Deck, Charger & Accessories
    1x USB-C Extended Hub for Steam Deck
    1x Mytrix 128GB Micro-SD Card
    1x Super-Slim/Colorful Wireless Keyboard
    1x Bluetooth/Wireless Mouse
    1x Hi-Speed HDMI Cable

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